Chelsea & The Chain

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Enter the enchanting realm of Chelsea & The Chain, a mesmerizing force influenced by Stevie Nicks, Pat Benetar, Heart, and the classic allure of 80's rock. With ethereal melodies inspired by Stevie Nicks, fiery energy akin to Pat Benetar, and harmonious fusion reminiscent of Heart, Chelsea & the Chain deliver Rock Goddess Anthems that captivate the soul and command the stage. Embracing the spirit of 80's rock, Chelsea and The Chain unleashes electrifying energy, paying homage to legends while forging their path in rock history. Brace yourself for an epic musical journey, as Chelsea and The Chain becomes the heartbeat of rock enthusiasts everywhere.


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Introducing ButtNekkid – the modern fusion of country and classic/southern rock, bridging the gap with a fresh twist. Embracing influences from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., Metallica, and the Charlie Daniels Band, their music captures the essence of these legends while remaining refreshingly current.

Led by multi-instrumentalist Casey Osborne along with drummer Ryche Green, ButtNekkid's vault is filled with compelling songs like "Gimme, Gimme," "High Class White Trash," and "Drinking Of You."

Their upcoming album, "Good Morning, Moonshine," is skillfully produced and mixed by multi-Grammy award winner Bob "B-Robert" St. John of PDQ Productions, adding a polished touch to the gritty tracks.

ButtNekkid's music isn't about pretty; it bears the scars of life. They boldly embrace their raw, unapologetic sound, stating, "We're ugly people writing ugly music."

Kick Engine

Kick Engine

Kick Engine is a powerhouse all-star band, led by Derrick Davidson on lead vocals, bass, and keys, with Harlen Lee on lead guitar, Cisco Hughes on drums, and Cal Hulman on keyboards. Their explosive music combines the attitude and swagger of funky soul with the spectacle of Rock'n'Roll. Inspired by 80s legends like Living Color, Journey, Duran Duran, and Van Halen, Kick Engine crafts a unique and electrifying experience on stage. With soulful vocals, searing guitar solos, thunderous drums, and captivating keyboards, they create an infectious groove that leaves audiences awe-inspired. Join their rhythmic revolution, pump your fists, and shake your rump to their soulful anthems as Kick Engine unleashes an unforgettable musical adventure.

Court Fortier

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Explore the genre-defying cosmic odyssey of Court Fortier, a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His celestial sound blends funky grooves, imaginative lyrics, and soulful vibes from the 80s to the future. Experience the magnetic fusion of cosmic wonder with luminous psychedelic soundscapes and electrifying energy. Embark on the soul-stirring cosmic odyssey of Court Fortier's Funk-Infused Cosmic Soul and be enchanted and inspired.


Fyakey is a roots reggae band formed during late 2016 in Cincinnati Ohio.